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Key Words
It's On The Autopilot
May 1 City Council Meeting Highlights
May 8 City Council Meeting Highlights
May 22 City Council Meeting Highlights

Bedford Community Affairs Commission
Drilling For Gas In Bedford
Barnett Shale Expo
Parks and Recreation
Agenda For June 12 City Council Meeting

Outsourcing the Bedford Public Library
Councilman Roy Turner on Outsourcing
Editorial: Gas Drilling Ordinance
Letter To The Editor: On Voter Participation

June 12 City Council Meeting Highlights
Trinity River Authority water main 60 inch Murphy
Gas Drilling Ordinance
Review of Third Library RFP

Recommended Reading
     (Links to Fort Worth Weekly and Washington Post articles re drilling)
Keeping Up With And Speakng At City Council Meetings
Letter To The Editor: Bravo
     (Regarding outsourcing)
Notable Dates
gas drilling mineral leases explosion
Correction to Notable Dates

City Council's Vision, Mission & Critical Focus Areas As Of Feb. 2006
Wi-Fi Mesh For Bedford

Pipelines 101
Official Agenda For June 22 City Council Meeting

Spotlight On The Beautification Commission

Mineral Rights 101
Upcoming Activities In Bedford
oil gas mineral lease
June 26 City Council Meeting Highlights
central pool town hall meeting oil gas mineral lease ordinance mosquito bag worm murder investigation TMLDA
BECA military leave
Recent BECA Recipients
TMLDA Achievement Of Excellence In Libraries Award
Council Agenda Deadline
Significance Of July 4 In Texas History
Upcoming Bedford Events

Criteria For Gas Drilling Ordinance
Bedford's Memorial Tree Walk
Webworm Treatment Options
Editorial: Argyle's Drilling Ordinance
Link To Official Agenda For July 10 City Council Meeting

Tomorrow Night's Public Hearing (recreational vehicle parking)
City Council Liaisons To Boards, Commissions & Committees
Open Door/Grievance And Appeal Procedure Policy For Employees

Letter To The Editor: Measuring Distances
Editorial: Town Hall Meeting: Some Food For Thought
City Council, Commission, Board, And Committee Meetings
Upcoming Bedford Activities

July 10 City Council Meeting Highlights
fest zoning ordinance procedures rules mayor pro tem liaison positions
nonconforming use land
Tomorrow's Street Improvement Economic Development Corp. Meeting
     Agenda Topics At A Glance
Tomorrow's City Council Special Session Agenda Topics At A Glance
Public Hearings This Week (Verizon tower and Pioneer Gun Shop sign)
Library Advisory Board
Community Affairs Commission Meeting
Deadline (Persons To Be Heard)

"Person To Be Heard" Deadline
Budget: Program Summary And Performance Measures
Bedford Citizen Update
Upcoming Bedford Activities

Council Special Session for budget preparation
Bedford Boys Ranch History

Town Hall Meeting on Gas Drilling in Bedford
City of Bedford, B-service
Homeowner's Association Board Member Roundtable
Who Will Pay?
Wi-Fi For Bedford
clean up
Gas Drilling Ordinance Town Hall Meeting

Tree Memorial Ceremony For Leahmon Chambers
Business Recognition Award Ceremonies
City Council Highlights
code enforcement convenience fee on-line bill payment Loquita Wi-Fi
Dragon's Breath charter review red light redflex adult oriented businesses
Overview of Library Report Regarding Community Focus Group Input
Council Liaisons to Boards, Commissions and Committees

July 24 Open Forum
Answers From The Texas Railroad Commission
Upcoming Bedford Activities
Letter To The Editor: Members Of The City Council Should
     Serve The Residents
Editorial: The Sales Pitch

mineral lease

Orean Right-to-life Planned Parenthood
drilling explosions
Potential Drilling Sites
Mineral Leases Have Come To Town - Are You Prepared?
Library Supervision and Operating Services

outsourcing library
Dialing for the Help You Need
Come and Meet Councilman Turner
Who Owns My Mineral Rights?
Aug 10 Budget Work Session
Letter to the Editor
Upcoming Bedford Activities
outsourcing library
Aug 10 Council Budget Work Session
Aug 14 City Council Meeting Agenda
2007 Property Tax Rates
Sunset Povision Ordinance
Home Owners Meet With Community Affairs
Come and Meet Councilman Turner
Board Commission beautification community affairs library parks recreation
Topics at a Glance
A Fresh Opportunity
Library Advisory Board liaison
Dallas Morning News
Last Night's Council Meeting
Bedford's New Library
Public Information Requests for Responses to RFP for Library
Evaluation Process for Library RFP Responses
Sunset Provision Ordinance
Board and Commission Member Appointments
Council Meeting Highlights
RFP kiosks tax rate budget ad valorem collection assessor municipal settings boards commissions reauthorization reappointment water main Cummings employee health dental assistance ambulance service center roof
Tonight's Beautification Commission Meeting
Consider Proposed Tax Rate
2007 Ad Valorem Tax Roll
Increased Base Rates for Water and Sewer
Persons to be Heard: Diane Versocki
tax rate budget ad valorem collection assessor LSSI
Persons to be Heard: Joyce Johnson
Public Hearing on Tax Increase
Editorial: The Next Step
oil gas mineral lease leaks explosions setback Nixa MO sink hole subsidence town meeting
Charter Review Committee
Bedford Employee's Health Benefits
Market Value of Bedford's Library Services 2006/2007
ZoomTEXT for People With Visual Impairment
medical dental hospitalization
return on investment
Topics at a Glance
Bedford Issues: Councilmember Roy Turner
Bedford Public Library: Budgetary Goals and Accomplishments for 2006/2007
November 2006 Library Satisfaction Survey Update
Special Called Meeting of the Bedford Library Advisory Board
Capital Improvement Projects
Letter to the Editor: Bonnie Finn
outsourcing Trinity Railway Express budget north central Texas airport freeway
friends scholarship Northeast Texas Library System NETLS Lone Star Grant RFP LSSI RFID
The Storm Passes
Changes at The Bedford Citizen
Upcoming Bedford Activities
outsourcing petition LSSI
web site
Council Meeting Highlights
capital improvement projects BECA Billy Mason recognition Gary Landers HEB Hospital Day prepared kiosk tax rate budget investment Dataprose utility billing expenditures debt Food Lion library building GRIP gas rate library RFP
Tomorrow's Public Hearing/Special Council Session
Capital Improvement Projects
Public Hearing on Proposed 2007 Tax Rate
Public Hearing and First Reading 2007 Budget
Ralph Good
Roger Ponce
library RFP LSSI tax rate budget general obligation bonds Food Lion building Kim Brown Highway 183 expansion TX DOT ambulances vehicle replacement fund Trinity Railway Express employee compensation productivity
Sept. 4 Special Session
Eliminate Ordinance Against Parking in the Wrong Direction
Three Ways to Keep Informed
Sources of Library's Return on Investment Data
tax rate budget
Draft of Gas Drilling Ordinance
BECA Recipient Billy Mason
Highlights of Last Week's Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Letter to the Editor: Councilman Roy Turner
Letter to the Editor: Marjorie Mary Hartwell
Editorial: What's Your Vision?
Joyce Johnson Stormie Jones Park Central Pool RFP tax rate library
Sept. 11 Council Meeting Highlights
gas drilling ordinance Joyce Johnson Kim Brown Dorothy McWhorter budget tax property sidewalk construction
One Vision for Bedford
Letter to the Editor: John Hogg
Claire Kamego
property sales tax
Beautification Commission Invitation
Library Advisory Board meeting highlights
Letter to the Editor: Hank Henning
property sales tax rates Hogg
Special Issue dealing with the removal of three members of the Library Advisory Board
liaison mayor Story Orean Whistler Turner Nail Cason ethics procedures council
Tomorrow's City Council Agenda Topics at a Glance
General Obligation Bonds Proposed for Issuance

Tonight's Planning and Zoning Meeting
Sept. 25 City Council Meeting Highlights
kiosk Cheek-Sparger Central Drive Bedford-Road fee schedule recognition proclamation proclaimed  Joyce Johnson Curtis Sanders  budget bonds street construction telephone service
Council Approved Water and Sewer Rate Changes
Letter to the Editor: Chris Brown
Letter to the Editor: Dorothy McWhorter
Editorial: Removal of Advisory Board or Commission Members
economic development ethics library board orean weisman LAB outsourcing
Editorial: The Tax Rate and the Vision
Mary Hartwell John Hogg Hank Henning
property tax
Tomorrow's City Council Agenda Topics at a Glance
Spanish Classes at the Bedford Public Library
Public Hearing at P&Z Meeting Thursday
Citizen Boards and Commissions
Latest Gas Drilling Ordinance Draft

City Council Meeting Highlights
gas drilling ordinance charter review beautification award Fort Worth Community Credit Union Cats Unlimited
water sewer rates Espey Consultants wastewater evaluation New World Systems software maintenance Dr. Roy Yamada medical control replacement police vehicle patrol supervisor Atmos Energy HEB State of the Cities Savage Queen fire department badges Artoberfest AMBUCS Police Academy United Way HEB Transit Joyce Johnson Kim Probasco  Whistler dogs animal control Ralph Good
Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Highlights
Wednesday's Library Advisory Board Meeting
Amendments Proposed for November 2007 Ballot

Tonight's Community Affairs Commission Meeting
Street Preservation Program

Tonight's Beautification Commission Meeting
Tomorrow's City Council Agenda Topics at a Glance
Oct. 17 Library Advisory Board Highlights

City Council Meeting Highlights
Oct. 15 Beautification Commission Meeting Highlights
tree lighting interviews red ribbon Holley Hendrickson Joyce Johnson Thomas Sullivan
Free Microsoft Word Basics Class Tonight
Application Deadline for Citizen Boards and Commissions
Information About Bedford's Citizen Boards and Commissions
Blood Drive at the Library
Free Wednesday Morning Spanish Classes
Thursday's Teen Court Advisory Board Meeting

Vote or Acquiesce
Karen Denham: Who is Responsible?
constitutional amendment animal control
Public Hearing at Tonight's Building and Standards Committee Meeting
Councilman Roy Turner: Vision for Bedford 2007 and Forward
Autumn Street Sweeping Schedule

Street Preservation Program Update

Tomorrow's City Council Agenda Topics at a Glance
Tomorrow's Charter Review Commission Meeting

City Council Meeting Highlights
Super Freeport Exemption
DCC Pump Filter Philpot Motors FordExplorer Fire Marshal sewer easement Ken-Do sidewalks Four B Paving crack sealing Up Close inspections Watermill gas drilling ordinance Tarrant Appraisal District
Tonight's Beautification Commission Meeting
Public Hearing at Tonight's Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting
Tomorrow's Turkey Truck and Related Activities
City Holiday Schedule
Holiday Tree Lighting
Street Preservation Program Update
December Library Events
Recommended Reading: Gas Drilling
Fort Worth Weekly
Tomorrow's City Council Agenda Topics at a Glance
Gas Drilling Ordinance Council Agenda Background
Public Hearing at Tomorrow's Charter Review Commission Meeting
Council Appointments to Boards, Committees and Commissions
Nov. 19 Beautification Commission Meeting Highlights
Nov. 19 Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting Highlights

Injection Wells, Carcinogens and Radioactive Waste
Council Appointments to Boards, Committees and Commissions
City Council Meeting Highlights
Allied Waste Karen Killian Joyce Johnson drilling ordinance sanitary sewer artsnet
Nov. 27 Council Meeting: Council Discussion of Gas Drilling Ordinance
Nov. 27 Council Meeting: Gas Drilling Ordinance Public Hearing

No Issue.

Public Hearing at Tomorrow's Charter Review Commission Meeting
Tomorrow's City Council Agenda Topics at a Glance
Gas Drilling Town Hall Meeting
Letter to the Editor: Chris Brown
Letter to the Editor: Hank Henning

Upcoming Community Emergency Response Team Classes
Library Blog Visits
Street Preservation Program Update
City Council Meeting Highlights
Lester Biggers Joyce Johnson gas drilling ordinance computers police fire appointments sign council member reports Dorothy McWhorter
No Issue.

Dec. 18 City Council Meeting Highlights
TAK Enterprises Woodpark Lane Innovative Interfaces guidelines town hall council member reports
No Issue.

No Issue.
No Issue.
Are You Prepared?
Gas Well Site Locations
town hall ordinance
Public Hearing at Tomorrow's Charter Review Commission Meeting
Tomorrow's City Council Agenda Topics at a Glance
Town Hall Meeting Regarding Gas Drilling
What is in the Gas Drilling Ordinance?
Guidelines for Drilling Ordinance Town Hall Meeting
Thursday's P&Z Meeting
Income Tax Forms

Highlights of Charter Review Commission Meetings
City Council Meeting Highlights
Bob Cochrane employee climate survey Joyce Johnson Keith Quigley
Town Hall Meeting Regarding the Gas Drilling Ordinance
Tomorrow's 4B Street Improvement Economic Development Corp Meeting
Public Hearing Tomorrow - Charter Review Commission
Library Advisory Board Meeting Wednesday Evening
Library Catalog Update Tomorrow Evening
Public Meeting Re: Cummings Water Transmission Main

Tonight's Community Affairs Commission Meeting
Truthfully, Who Benefits From Barnett Shale Natural Gas Development in Bedford?
Beautification Commission Meeting Monday Evening
Digital-To-Analog Converter Box Program

Jim Wilkes
Canton Mid School

Ctr on J&C Justice

CTR on J&C Justice Dir Msg

Juvenile Curfews

MEM Shelby Crime

Round Rock