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The mission of this electronic newspaper (e-news) is to increase citizen awareness of current events and thereby increase their involvement in our government's decision-making process.  As a result, The Bedford Citizen  will focus on providing Bedford's residents with the information they need in order to cast an informed vote.  We also will include occasionally some helpful and entertaining information.

The Bedford Citizen  is currently a volunteer effort which we expect to be circulated from friend to friend via email in its PDF format.  If you find it helpful and informative, please feel free to pass it along to others.

During this introductory period, the subscriptions are free.  This will allow us to gauge the demand and work out the bugs.  Eventually, we plan to charge a fee for subscriptions.  This will allow us to avoid the conflicts of interest that can arise from accepting paid advertising.

Initially, we plan to publish an issue every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, subject to volunteer availability and the amount of news to report.

The Bedford Citizen  welcomes free of charge:
  • News articles from any volunteer writers, provided we judge the articles are relevant to our readers and the facts can be substantiated

  • Position papers from political incumbents and candidates  provided these position papers clearly state that person's position and they do not attack any other party
Our policies are as follows:
  • The Bedford Citizen  does not share or sell its mailing list information.
  • Paid advertising is not accepted.
  • Except when identified as editorials, letters to the editor or opinion pieces, stories will contain only facts that can be verified. Writers should expect to be asked to provide documentation before articles are published.
  • All submitted articles must deal with issues relevant to Bedford's residents and not exceed two pages, as published in this format.
  • Only one letter to the editor or opinion piece will be accepted from a single household during any 30-day period.
  • Public service announcements will be included as space allows.
  • The staff of The Bedford Citizen  will be the final judge.
  • Submissions must be received at least 72 hours prior to publication.
  • Submissions should be sent via the link in the left hand column and must include the author's name, address, email address and phone number.

"A newspaper is lumber made malleable. It is ink made into words and pictures.
It is conceived, born, grows up and dies of old age in a day."
- Jim Bishop